Customize your Email Templates 📤

In EasyAccounts, you can create custom email templates to use for customer notifications.

Out-of-the-box, there are default versions of every email template already created in your EasyAccounts dashboard. To get started with emails, go to EasyAccounts –> Emails.

Here you will see a list of all of the email categories, grouped under Promotion Emails and Notification Emails.

For Notification Emails, only one exists per category (for example, you can only have one Return request confirmation email template). You can customize this template by clicking on Edit Email.

For Promotion Emails, you will see that there are 3 types: Send Discount Code, Send Prefilled Checkout Link, Send Abandoned Checkout Link. These represent the actions that can be taken when a Promotion is earned. Because there can be multiple promotions all using the same action, you can create individual Emails for each of your promotions. First, click on View emails.

From here, you can Edit email, or Add new email. To show how emails are created, we’ll create a new email template here.

Designing / Editing an Email

Step 1: Add a Title. This is for internal use only, and will not be seen by your customers.

Step 2: Choose your styles. Select your Font and the primary colors to be used in the email. The preview screen updates whenever you make a changes, and will show you what will go out to your customers.

First, select wether you would like to Use Custom Styles, or stick with the Global Styles that are set up within the Email homepage. Global Styles are very useful if most of your email templates will be styled in the same manner. For instance, if you always use the same Font and Primary colors across your templates, you can stick with using your Global Styles, and not choose the Custom Styles option.

Step 3: Style your header. Upload an image and control its max width.

Step 4: Edit the body of your email. Assign the Email subject, Salutation, and Content of the body for your email. Use the Shopify variables in the fields and they will automatically be replaced with the corresponding information, such as {{customer.first_name}}.

Step 5: Edit your footer. Simply add text content to your footer.

Next, learn how to assign Email templates to specific Promotions in EasyAccounts.

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