Find the Right Billing Plan 🚀

EasyAccounts offers 4 flexible pricing plans, so that you can find the right level for your store.

Information regarding the features available for each plan can be found on our app listing page.

Once you have decided on the right plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by navigating to EasyAccounts -> Billing.

On the billing page, select the plan you wish to use. You will then be redirected through the Shopify billing process, and back to the app when complete. This must be done while logged in as the “Store Owner” account in Shopify, as billing must be approved by the owner of the Shopify account.

Billing Faqs

What defines a customer?

Say you have a store that has 40,000 customers, but only 5,000 of them have a customer account…

There are 2 customer states essentially: Total Customers (in your case 40,000) and Customers that have an account (in your case 5,000).

The numbers included in each plan level (in red below) are your Total Customers. So in your case, the STANDARD plan would cover your total customers as it covers up to 50,000 total customers and you have 40,000.


The reason that ​we price things by Total Customers, is that the Promotions tool can be run on your Total Customers, whether or not they have a logged-in account. There are many configurations to the Promotions tool, such as Abandoned cart promotions, or account creation promotions, that do not require your customer to have a logged-in account.

What is a triggered promotion?

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