Prevent the Standard Customer Account Page From Displaying

When the EasyAccounts customer account page feature is enabled with the application, measures are taken to change all of the account links on your store to point to the EasyAccounts customer profile page instead of the standard page. This is done via Javascript, after the page has loaded, so in some cases, the customer may see the regular account page for a moment, prior to redirecting to to the EasyAccounts profile.

There are two ways to prevent this from occurring:

  1. Manually change all links to go directly to the account page in your theme, or,
  2. Add the following code to your theme.liquid file, direct after the opening <head> html tag, which will always redirect to the EasyAccounts customer account page.
{% if request.path == "/account" %}<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL='/a/account/'" /><script>window.location.href="/a/account/";</script><style>html { display: none; }</style>{% endif %}

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